2023 Myriad Art Exhibition launches at State Library as part of SALA Festival – Glam Adelaide

2023 Myriad Art Exhibition launches at State Library as part of SALA Festival - Glam Adelaide
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South Australia’s biggest display of artwork by people living with disability will feature as part of the 2023 Myriad Art Exhibition as a headline attraction in this month’s South Australian Living Artists (SALA) Festival.

The respected exhibition, now in its fifth year is presented by not-for-profit disability support organisation Community Living Australia in partnership with the State Library of South Australia and will run from 17-31 August 2023 in the State Library Institute Building.

The 2023 exhibition will feature a record-breaking 68 South Australian artists,10 feature artists and 120 artworks and celebrate a ‘myriad’ of artists, abilities, cultures and stories.

The exhibition provides artists with a platform to empower self-expression through their artwork with each work representing the individual’s personal journey. Exhibition goers are encouraged to experience the art through the eyes of each artist and their own lived experiences of disability.

According to Community Living Australia Chief Executive Mark Kulinski the exhibition is focused on shaping communities where people living with disability have valued roles, the opportunity to achieve their goals and realise their artistic dreams.

“We believe celebrating talent and acknowledging personal achievement is crucial for
wellbeing. Myriad gives artists the opportunity to tell their stories and be celebrated for their meaningful contributions to our community and SALA,” Mr Kulinski said.

“The growth of Myriad has been inspiring with artists from across South Australia participating and expressing themselves without the restrictions of social conventions. The focus is firmly on self-expression and celebrating abilities.”

“Art is a universal language, and Myriad is a tribute to what we can achieve when we focus on abilities, let creativity take the lead, and give a platform for art to become the language of expression for those who can sometimes go unheard. Each brushstroke and every detail on display echoes a unique story.

Importantly for Kulinski, the exhibition will provide an opportunity for art lovers to support
Myriad artists through the purchasing of artworks which will be on sale throughout the season.

“Many of the artworks are for sale, with 100% of the proceeds going directly to the artists who set their own price points. This financial support is crucial for independent artists and allows for artistic dreams to become a reality,” he said.

“Each description accompanying the artwork has been penned by the artist themselves or with someone they trust. This will help you experience the artwork through their eyes; it’s an invitation to connect and step outside of your world and into the artists.”

The 2023 exhibition will showcase 10 feature artists from regions including the Murraylands, Riverland, the Fleurieu Peninsula, and the Adelaide Hills. The launch event will also award prizes for Artist of the Exhibition and three Honorary Artists.

For 2022 Artist of the Exhibition winner Mia Qua the opportunity to be involved in Myriad has allowed her to express her soul and share her history as a proud indigenous artist while appreciating the talent of other artists.

“My art is an expression of my soul and my way to tell the world about my history and beliefs. I enjoy writing and painting to share my feelings and emotions with others. I really like to come to Myriad to see the works of other artists,” she said.

The exhibition is accessible with artwork hung lower than usual for wheelchair users.

The 2023 event is made possible through the generous support of the Adelaide City Council.

2023 Myriad Art Exhibition
: 17 August – 31 August, 10am-5pm on weekdays and 12pm- 5pm weekends
Where: Institute Building, State Library of South Australia, Corner North Terrace, and Kintore Avenue.

For more information and a virtual gallery please click here.

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