‘African-asian art exhibition promotes culture’

‘African-asian art exhibition promotes culture’
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The curator of the Oceans and the Interpreters Exhibition, Nobuo Takamori, has said the three-week exhibition will promote culture and mutual understanding between Africa and Asia.

Speaking at the opening of a three-week art exhibition, which was held simultaneously at the Yaba College of Technology and University of Lagos, Takamori, revealed that the highly-awaited event, was inspired by Wole Soyinka’s literary masterpiece.

He said that the Interpreters aimed to explore the complexities of African-Asian relationships and their artistic interpretations.

Takamori took visitors through the artwork of renowned artists from different countries, including Taiwan, Malaysia, Korea, Vietnam and Greece.

Takamori said the exhibition was very important in Taiwan and Nigeria.

“It is the first time we are talking about the African-Asian connection and also the boundaries between the two continents. It is a tour exhibition, it was held in Taipei last year. Those who attended the event in Taiwan were very curious about African culture and the historical connection between the two continents,” he said.

Representative, Taipei Trade Office, Andy Yih-Ping Li and his wife, Yolanda, an art enthusiast, welcomed participants and visitors at the event.

He said the event was part of the promotion of culture, mutual understanding and goodwill between Nigeria and Asia.

Yih-Ping Li said, “I think it is very good because the visitors that came are more than I expected, and they were very interested in the different topics presented in this exhibition. And especially the young audience, they are curious. So, it is very good that we have this kind of interaction.”

Yaba Art Museum Curatorial Director’s representative, Dr Balogun Adeola, said, “Basically, one thing about most of them is that they are actually expressing their ideas from the environment. And that is what they are bringing to share with us. We all have our stories anyway. And if you’re asked to tell your own story, either in written form, in dance, in music, or in visual art, of course, it’s personal to you. So, you know that is why contemporary art is sort of unique. Therefore, the exhibition is unique,” he said. The event, organised by the Centre for Contemporary Art, Lagos, Yaba Art Museum, YABATECH, Chew’s Culture Foundation, Hong Gah Museum, Solid Art, and Britto Arts Trust, was supported by the National Culture & Arts Foundation of Taiwan, Tung Ho Steel Enterprise Corp., and Taipei Trade Office in Nigeria.

The exhibition was a visual delight, with a wide range of photographs, videos, and installations on display, all showcasing the relationship between Africa and Asia.

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