PlanetHoster is a green Canadian web hosting company founded in 2007 that offers a selected array of solutions (Web Hosting, Cloud, SSL Certificates or Domain Name Registration) for the customers who can choose the plan that suits them best. PlanetHoster uses renewable energy and a recycling policy within its headquarters. The target of the company is simple and has been the same ever since it was established: to create a unique product by putting together the latest technology and the expertise of collaborators. The company uses Anti-DDoS and anycast DNS for server protection and it obtained the ICANN accreditation as a web hosting company. In order to protect their customers from malware attacks, the team from PlanetHoster provides their personal Anti-malware.

The company has a number of partners, including Symantec and LetsEncrypt which helps them offer great SSL certificates. As it is a worldwide company, PlanetHoster has multiple Internet service providers.

Country: Canada