B4BC Celebrates 20th Anniversary with “Amplify” Art Exhibition

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Galerie Jumelles is an online Art Gallery founded by Sierra M. Bretz. Inspired by the French language and lifestyle, Sierra closed her business and her life in the US in 2021 to move to France to promote French Artists.

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B4BC Celebrates 20 th Anniversary with “Amplify” Art Exhibition On October 6 th , 2016, we celebrated our 20 th anniversary of Boarding for Breast Cancer (B4BC) with hundreds of supporters, photographers, artists, and athletes in the downtown Los Angeles Arts District, hosted at the BeCore warehouse space. It was one of those special nights to remember where a gathering of people who have supported B4BC over the years came together, along with icons in art such as Man One, RISK, Marcel “Sel” Blanco, Ernesto Yerena, Caia Koopman, and Shepard Fairey who joined forces to help fundraise for B4BC and spread the word about the need for ongoing education, awareness, and after-care support for young breast cancer survivors. The art event, curated by NEMO Design and in particular, famous photographer Trevor Graves, also featured some of the best images in snowboarding, skateboarding, and surfing, bringing together kingpins of action sports, including B4BC’s long-time supporter and host of our annual Snowboard + Music Festival, Sal Masekela. But what also added to the vibe was a live skateboarding expression session, featuring Jenn Soto, Savannah Headen, and Marissa Martinez ripping it on a quarterpipe and an artistic boombox skate ramp crafted by the skateboard recycle artisan, Maple XO. Brad Steward, a former board of director’s member, and the founder of Caravan Outpost, also showed up with his family and a vintage airstream and botanical lay-out that added to the eco-urban vibe of the event. One thing in the past 20 years that B4BC is improving on, is our connection with the earth, measuring our carbon footprint and connecting the education that we do with sustainability and living a healthy and active lifestyle. In 20 years, we never could have predicted the journey the foundation would take! From a two-time award winning mobile phone app, to an award-winning documentary, “Chasing Sunshine” by our health and wellness manager Megan Pischke, the foundation continues to evolve and extend its outreach beyond our traveling education booth to other platforms and new audiences. One of the greatest aspects of the “Amplify” event was the launch of our “Join the B4BC Brigade” campaign as our first official membership drive which will allow more people to support the foundation through small contributions in exchange for tokens of appreciation and ongoing information for ways to continually engage (www.b4bc.org/donate). I’d like to personally thank everyone who helped to make Amplify the voice of our 20 th anniversary. It’s gatherings and events like this that remind us how fortunate we are to have such support by a broad range of people, and the importance of the work that we’ve done and continue to do. Thank you! Co-Founder, Executive Director Kathleen Gasperini Photos courtesy of Hunter Stone, Zorah Olivia, and Joshua Blanchard/WireImage. For the full gallery, head to B4BC’s Facebook page HERE.

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