Congratulations to Emerge in the North 2019: Art Exhibition Artists | MAV News

Congratulations to Emerge in the North 2019: Art Exhibition Artists | MAV News
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Galerie Jumelles is an online Art Gallery founded by Sierra M. Bretz. Inspired by the French language and lifestyle, Sierra closed her business and her life in the US in 2021 to move to France to promote French Artists.

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Each of the five artists will work alongside curator, Santy Saptari, to develop new works on the theme “Meeting Point” for the exhibition opening August 29 until 8 October at the Hume Global Learning Centre.


Being an expressive individual who was raised in Syria, Marie Afram started painting from a young age and would often wait on deliveries of new paint so that she could expand her palette. Marie’s artistic talents have in recent times been influenced by the recent horrors of war within the country. Today, in Australia, she freely practices her artistic expression in various forms and styles, including abstract, surrealism, nature and life drawings. Her preference for medium has been oil and acrylic on canvas.  Marie holds a Diploma of Visual Arts, as well as an Advanced Diploma of Creative Product Development. Her works have been exhibited in numerous exhibitions, and she was recently the winner of the “Many Faces One Community – Valuing Diversity” Local Community Art Competition.  At present she is a part of the Craigieburn Art Group.


Yelena Ashlapova’s art practice emerged as an outcome of life journey. Her art is a personal expression of her emotions. Mostly working using acrylic and oil paint, she is interested in connecting philosophy, science and art in her work, which are translated in abstraction or figurative styles. She has received awards for Best entry at Bridgewater Exhibition 2017 and Hume Art Award 2018.


Amicus Atman is an emerging artist who comes from a small fishing village in South East Asia. His artwork is heavily influenced by myth, cultural connection, and the desire to keep tribal art alive. Through his work he shares experiences, meanings and stories of wisdom, Inspired by the life he has lived and the people he has met in Malaysia, New Zealand and Australia.

In a unique connection between nature and ego, friendship and the soul, Amicus uses ink, lights, leaves, bells, ash, paper, feathers, bone, fire, colours and his mobile phone to produce simple yet elaborate configurations of design and reference so that each piece brings a feeling of joy, comfort and familiarity. These visual artworks usually should be viewed from different angles that produce stimulation for the imagination and curious eyes.


Anthony Bertucci is a Melbourne based painter/visual artist. He was born and bred in Campbellfield, to Italian immigrant parents Francesco and Teresa and then in his teens moved to Roxburgh Park.  He was a creator and performer from a very young age and went onto performing arts and corporate careers all the while producing art for Design firms, Private collections, Display Homes and exhibiting in Group and Solo shows.

Inspired by Natural landscapes, Ethereal spaces and places of transcendence, his paintings are vibrating with splashes of colour, layered movement and subconscious mark making. Abstract expressionism and spirituality have always been an inspiration for Anthony’s work which has been evolving over 2 decades and the latest collection delves into languishing landscapes, space travel and abstract microcosmos .

Bertucci himself says,” There is a constant dialogue happening between me and the art I’m producing, it’s a tug of war between perfection and imperfection. Somewhere in the middle is where I want to be with my art, to honour the majestic imperfections of life and nature and the obscured beauty all around us “


Emiliano Fernandez is an Argentinian photographer. He studied Forestry and Fine Arts at Universidad Nacional de La Plata; and photography in the Argentinean School of Photography.

In 2008 ,he left Argentina to travel and experience other cultures and have worked and lived in different countries, including New Zealand, India, Myanmar, Thailand, Germany, Australia. As a result of the years living abroad, in 2011 he produced a photographic body of work -“Los Vínculos” (The links)-, curated together with Marcos Zimmermann, a renown Argentinean photographer. This work has been awarded with the first prize for Latin American author in Montevideo, Uruguay by the Centro de Fotografía and made into a publication. His goal as a photographer is to create awareness and new ways to connect, protect and respect the natural environment.

He has received a scholarship in Cologne, Germany; and participated in art residencies, artist book and curatorial workshops in Berlin and Cologne.

Emerge in the North celebrates the incredible cultural contributions of new and emerging communities in the outer north of Melbourne. Investing in the development of new works and profiling artists of quality and innovative practice, this program is supported by Gandel Philanthropy, the Brotherhood of St Laurence and the City of Hume.

For more information on Emerge in the North, click here.

Produced by Multicultural Arts Victoria as part of the Emerge program, in partnership with the Brotherhood of St Laurence and the City of Hume.

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