Dinefwr, Llandeilo to host Seren Stacey art exhibition | South Wales Guardian

Dinefwr, Llandeilo to host Seren Stacey art exhibition | South Wales Guardian
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Seren Stacey’s exhibition Braenaru/Fallowing will be on display for just over four months at Dinefwr in Llandeilo.

Seren’s paintings aim to inspire people to learn more about nature by looking at plants growing locally.

During lockdown, she spent 20 minutes a day painting a different species of plant growing in her front garden, which she had left uncultivated since 2020.

Seren looked up the Welsh names for some of the wildflowers in her paintings and hopes that the exhibition will inspire people to spot nature close to home, whether in a yard, garden, park, hedgerow or verge.

She said: “We let nature thrive in our small garden during lockdown and were surprised with what began to grow. Even though I’m a Welsh speaker, I soon realised I didn’t know the names of the species in the Welsh language. So I started to paint and research them – the more I found out, the more I wanted to know!

“It was fascinating to find that some have up to 30 names, often quite poetic or deriving from folklore. How did they get that name? What’s the meaning behind it?

“As my understanding increased, I found that I felt more connected to each subject, a sense of ‘hiraeth’ and being closer to the land. Nature thrives around us if we let it – I hope everyone can discover something new or interesting growing close to them too.

“You don’t need a big garden to explore and encourage common wildflowers and plants. Whether it’s a 10ft garden or an 800-acre parkland, the ideas about increasing biodiversity are the same.”

The exhibition launched on May 1, coinciding with Plantlife’s #NoMowMay, an annual campaign encouraging lawns and green spaces to be left to grow for the benefit of nature.

The 15 watercolour paintings will be on display in the outer hall of Dinefwr and there will be a launch event and talk at 2pm on Saturday, May 20 featuring Seren and Stuart McDonnell, National Trust Cymru ranger.

The exhibition will run until September 7. To find out more about the events going on in May and to book your visit, head to www.nationaltrust.org.uk/dinefwr

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