HAUS KCH to unveil ‘On State of Being’ art exhibition on Dec 8 – New Sarawak Tribune

HAUS KCH to unveil 'On State of Being' art exhibition on Dec 8 - New Sarawak Tribune
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KUCHING: HAUS KCH is set to launch the eagerly awaited art exhibition, ‘On State of Being’, on Dec 8 at 5pm. Curated by Rias Sofiyah, the exhibition delves into the intimate lives of seven featured artists, showcasing their unique perspectives on life and existence. The artwork promises to explore self-awareness and the complexity of the existence spectrum through various expressions. Rias Sofiyah, the curator, expresses her enthusiasm, stating, “On State of Being aims to discover and rediscover a sense of identity in a viewer, inviting them to peer into the artists’ minds and understand complex emotions when alone. “I’m very excited to showcase not only fresh talented artists from both East and West Malaysia but also fresh art styles to the Sarawakian art community!” The featured artists include Ainee Hanae (Sarawak), Ekhael (Kuala Lumpur), Rias Sofiyah (Sarawak), Sherylatachi (Kuala Lumpur), Tiomilokl (Kuala Lumpur), Pici Pamg (Sarawak), and Solaris (Selangor). The launch promises a night of art, food, drinks, and music, providing visitors with a unique experience that intertwines various forms of artistic expression. The exhibition will be open to the public from Dec 11 to 22, between 11am and 6pm. ‘On State of Being’ coincides with Seni Kita Weekend: Environment, a community-driven arts festival initiated by HAUS KCH in July 2022. The final quarterly weekend festival of the year, themed ‘Environment,’ is scheduled for Dec 9 to 10. Programme coordinator of Seni Kita Weekend, Christy Yang shared, “We started off this ambitious year with four Seni Kita Weekends, each with a highlighted theme that ties in our creative collaborators, vendors, communities and more. Closing 2023 with the theme ‘environment’, we recognise the importance of addressing this global concern with the support of other organisations. As the art scene flourished tremendously this year, we are excited to finish with a bang and welcome another fruitful year in the creative scene.” The weekend festival will feature nearly 50 creative vendors offering art, clothing, jewellery, wellness services, tattoos, food, and drinks in the Pasar Seni Kita segment. Ensera Creatives will co-produce films highlighting environmental causes selected from the shortlist by the Goethe Institute for their 2023 Science Film Festival. Community Social Support Centre Kuching (CSSC) on the other hand will host a range of Christmas-related activities, including Santa Claus meet and greets, story-telling sessions, Christmas carols, and a Christmas movie screening. Lil Nice Cat will host its first public book club meeting, featuring a wholesome discussion on ‘The Music of Bees’. The ‘Kamboh’ segment on Sunday will include ‘tuak’ tasting and a series of fun drum challenges led by the Sarawak Drum Community, supported by Naked Wonders. Seni Kita Weekend: Environment is produced and organised by HAUS KCH in collaboration with CSSC, Bring It On, Goethe Institut, Rias Sofiyah, Ngirupp, Sarawak Drum Community, Naked Wonders, and Ensera Creatives. The festival launches on Dec 9, and will be open from 10am to 6pm on Saturday and Sunday, offering a diverse and immersive experience for art enthusiasts and the community at large.

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