Heydar Aliyev Center hosts Azerbaijani-Latvian art exhibition [PHOTO]

Heydar Aliyev Center hosts Azerbaijani-Latvian art exhibition [PHOTO]
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Laman Ismayilova

Azerbaijani-Latvian art exhibition has opened its doors at
Heydar Aliyev Center.

Co-organized by Latvian Embassy in Azerbaijan, the exhibition
“Between Heaven and Earth” highlights the work of Mawlana
Jalaluddin Rumi, a prominent poet, who lived in the 13th century,
Azernews reports.

Rumi’s ideas are devoted to spiritual uplift and perfection. The
exhibition include art works by the Latvian artist Ieva Krūmiņa and
the world-famous photographer Reza Deghati.

Latvian president Egils Levits, who is paying an official visit
to Azerbaijan, Azerbaijani Presidential Aide Anar Alakbarov, Deputy
Head of Latvian Mission in Azerbaijan Vija Buša and other officials
took part in the opening ceremony of exhibition.

Speaking at the event, Vija Buša stressed the importance of the
exhibition “Between Heaven and Earth” for her country.

She emphasized that this is the result of the joint efforts of
both countries, and the exhibition demonstrates the similarities
between the two nations.

Deputy Head of Latvian Mission brought to the attention that the
Latvian Embassy in Azerbaijan attaches particular importance to
projects in the art field.

The Latvian embassy also contributes to the cultural ties
between Latvia and Azerbaijan, the dialogue in this direction.

Thanks to the holding of such events, the Latvian fine arts are
promoted in Azerbaijan. With the opening of this exhibition,
another step will be taken in the field of cultural

In his speech, the Latvian president Egils Levits outlined that
the exhibition’s title “Between Heaven and Earth” was chosen
correctly and unites different peoples and cultures. He added that
today no one wants to live in a monotonous, global cultural context
and the original culture of each national must be preserved.

National cultures are based on traditions, but these traditions
need to be developed. National cultures should be open to ideas put
forward by other cultures.

Mr. Egils Levits described the exhibition as a bright example of
bridges between Azerbaijan and Latvia.

In conclusion, he expressed his gratitude to Heydar Aliyev
Center for organizing the event. He called the building of the
Heydar Aliyev Centerone of the most beautiful examples of modern
architecture. The Latvian president stressed that by holding such
joint cultural events, the two countries become even closer to each

Latvian artist Ieva Krūmiņa, whose works are presented at the
exhibition, expressed her satisfaction with participation in the

Speaking about her art pieces, she noted 43 illustrations in
oriental style, keeping the traditions of miniature at the highest
possible level.

“The thoughts of both peoples have a lot in common. Art brings
us closer. This means that the ideas that we share can be perceived
by each other,” she added.

Ieva Krūmiņa is a member of the Art Academy of Latvia and the
Association of Latvian Textile Artists.

In her art, Ieva Krūmiņa relies on the quote of the famous
Latvian poet and writer Imants Ziedonis: “Do not live without love,
the world is insignificant without love!”, trying to study similar,
common shades between peoples. Her art works convey to people a
message to fix the world with threads of love.

Well-known photographer Reza Deghati sheds light on not only
military conflicts but also shows the beauty of humanity.

His works have been published in National Geographic, Time,
Stern, Newsweek, and Paris Match magazines.

He is the author of around 30 books and winner of numerous
awards. Reza’s photo work that illustrates Rumi’s ideas revolving
around a mystical dance that conveys the theme of the energy cycle
between earth and sky, was published on the cover of National
Geographic magazine in 1994.

The photographer was also awarded the National Order of Merit of
France and Azerbaijan’s Dostlug Order (Order of Friendship).

The large-scale exhibition aroused great public interest. The
exhibition “Between Heaven and Earth” will last until April 3.

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