Hua Hin International School students showcase their talents at art exhibition

Hua Hin International School students showcase their talents at art exhibition
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Students at Hua Hin International School have recently hosted their first ever IB Diploma Visual Arts exhibition.

For the exhibition, students selected their own inspired art pieces that showed their technical accomplishment and allowed each individual to reflect upon their understanding of the use of materials, ideas and practices appropriate to visual communication.

This work has been completed in the Art studios at HHIS with the support of their teachers.

Harry, Lieve and Anupat who took part in the exhibition have all now had offers from prestigious Art universities in Europe and are destined for careers within this field.

Lieve said her art explored issues linked to the pandemic such as identity, paranoia and escapism and cited Andy Warhol as an inspiration.


For fellow student Harry, who has been studying at Hua Hin International School since it opened in 2015, a military theme was present throughout his art, some of which was inspired by the Death Railway in Kanchanaburi, as well as the Karabakh movement and the unification of Armenia in 1988.

The art by 18 year old Anupat explored the negative impact of self image. For one of his pieces of work, Anupat was required to create a ‘daily act of art’, which resulted in him taking a selfie as soon as he woke up every morning for one month.


As well as studying Visual Arts at Hua Hin International School, there is a wide range of advanced subjects that provide students with the platform to study at universities around the world.

All students at HHIS have the opportunity to study individual pathways that can lead to IGCSE qualifications at the age of 16 and to then progress to study for the IB Diploma aged 16 – 19.

IGCSEs at HHIS are accredited by Cambridge University and there are a wide range of subjects studied which include Business, History, Global Perspectives, Music, Computer Science, Sports as well as foreign languages, English, Maths and Science.

The IB opportunities for students aged 16 – 19 build on the strong culture of success at HHIS and students continue to study their preferred subjects whilst also initiating projects and leading the learning for their younger peers. The spectrum of classes provides opportunities that are designed to teach and support students to think critically and to appreciate the importance of seeing events and knowledge claims from different perspectives.


The IB Diploma provides a challenging programme that is much more than just a curriculum, it truly is an educational experience. The IB Diploma which can be achieved at HHIS supports immediate successes and prepares students for their next steps at university and in working life.

This year Harry, Anupat and Lieve will graduate with their peers as the school’s first IB Class and every student in the class of 2022 should feel very proud.

They can look forward to great success as they embark on the next steps at University and in employment.

For more information please visit the school website and please do contact if you would like to organise a visit or talk regarding your child’s education.


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