Lagos Fringe Festival: 6 Hours art exhibition is back – Eyes of a Lagos Boy

Lagos Fringe Festival: 6 Hours art exhibition is back - Eyes of a Lagos Boy
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Galerie Jumelles is an online Art Gallery founded by Sierra M. Bretz. Inspired by the French language and lifestyle, Sierra closed her business and her life in the US in 2021 to move to France to promote French Artists.

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6 HOURS, the collaborative art project by Bolaji Alonge (NGA) and Ottograph (NL) will be presented at the Lagos Fringe Festival to be held at Freedom Park from 21 to 26 November 2023. Lagos Fringe is an open-access multidisciplinary arts festival committed to providing a platform for new voices in the Nigerian creative industry. The Fringe supports artistes to present a creative mix of theatre, poetry, film, spoken word, magic, cabaret shows, exhibitions, literature, dance and music. 6 Hours investigates contrasts and similarities of life in the home cities of the duo, Amsterdam and Lagos – two cities with a six-hour flight time between them – to deliver a narrative that is thought-provoking, engaging and inspiring. The artworks were produced during an immersive art residency in Lagos. It is the first time the artists work together – combining their passion for street art and street photography. This is the second chance for art lovers to see this exhibition that left its mark on Lagos in September 2023 – three large murals by Ottograph adorn the main stage at Freedom Park, Bature Brewery and at the Dutch Consulate. The collaboration brings two countries together in a grand way. Alonge said, “We are proud 6 Hours art exhibition features at this year’s Lagos Fringe Art Festival. A tradition that broadens the audience of our stimulating message in Nigeria and beyond”. Ottograph’s recognizable pop art syncs with the positive message of Eyes of a Lagos Boy. Eyes of a Lagos Boy features at Lagos Fringe for the third year running and in May 2023 also took part in the Brighton Fringe, England’s biggest art festival. Ottograph , a Dutch large-scale muralist, has been slinging paint since the age of ten. He started out in Amsterdam to become an internationally acclaimed artist. Ottograph has established himself firmly in the heart of the global street art movement. Simultaneously, Ottograph has bridged the fine art gap with his work, as a result of decades of dedication to painting. Ottograph’s work is full of color and life. His work reflects on society and invites people to search for their own truth. On his own or together with his fellow artist/friends Ottograph has also set up several successful projects such as CIA (Central Illustration Agency), as well as the KMDG, a group of artists with a background in illustration, graffiti and street-art from around the world. The Modern Art Museum of Antwerpen (Belgium) is home to a giant Ottograph mural. Otto also painted murals in Moscow, Tokyo, Berlin, New York and San Francisco. Ottograph has worked for clients like Greenpeace, Tommy Hilfiger, Nike, Mars, Ford, and Mercedes-Benz. He recently took part in the celebration of 50 years of Hip Hop in NYC. Bolaji Alonge  is a Nigerian journalist, artist, photographer and actor from Lagos, Nigeria. Also known as Eyes of a Lagos Boy, he has two decades of experience in documenting history, always looking for beauty where it is least expected. He shows his beloved Lagos from unexpected angles. Images of everyday life in Nigeria carry deep social messages. Alonge makes the viewer reconsider what we have seen with our own eyes, through the Eyes of a Lagos Boy. Since 2016, his website has developed from a personal blog to a news portal with a focus on culture and lifestyle, from the African perspective. Since 2017 he has presented his work in a series of individual and collaborative exhibitions in Lagos, NYC and Brighton (UK) to critical acclaim, including “Greener Pastures” in 2021 and “Iconic Lagos” in 2022 at Didi Museum.

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