Light Side of the Moon – Art Exhibition by Charlotte Lane

Light Side of the Moon – Art Exhibition by Charlotte Lane
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CHARLOTTE LANE is a UK-born “skyscape” artist who is launching her new solo exhibition, “Light Side of the Moon”. We discover the inspiration, process and philosophy behind her latest collection of artworks. Her art exhibition is on at REDSEA Gallery from 22 September.

Charlotte began her career as a scenic artist, creating huge-scale backcloths for theatre shows, operas and events. “By working commercially for so many years, I learnt my craft as a painter without space for my own ego,” she says. “It was exciting and exhilarating work and I totally loved it.”

Life changed dramatically when she became a mother; her sense of self and her priorities shifted. This, coupled with an unexpected move to Asia, paved the way for a reinvention. After years of painting to a brief, she was suddenly totally free to explore her own creativity and expression – which she describes as terrifying and liberating at the same time!

Inspiration & Process

In the UK, Charlotte and her husband lived on a boat, surrounded by gently lapping water. When they moved to Asia, and into apartment-living in the sky, her outlook changed in a few ways.

“My sky series began on a rainy day in Singapore. Faced with this incredible freedom to create whatever I chose, I looked out of my window and was so struck by the dramatic cloud structures that the incredible tropical climate could produce. I began experimenting and immediately found a groove.”

Often, she uses an image or photograph of clouds as a starting point. She prefers to work from a monochrome image to allow her own interpretation of colour to evolve.

“I always light a candle and repeat a few affirmations before I begin painting. I try to remind myself to enjoy what I do and stay true to my own voice. It’s easy to be distracted by the work others are doing or the idea of what an audience might want. I’ve learnt to trust myself and know that if I create pieces with heart, soul and integrity, that will always shine through.”

Charlotte also has an emotional response to colour and is not afraid to be bold and messy. “I mix all the colours I use, and never use anything straight out of the tube. There’s such a world of possibilities with colours – it’s like the most delicious kind of playtime!”

Philosophy & Mindfulness

During times of difficulty, she has fallen back on a three-word mantra her mother always repeated: “Float and accept”. “These words have been uttered to me so many times that I actually have them tattooed on my painting arm. I created a painting to honour this mantra. It had the fragile strength and powerful serenity that my mother embodies and was both delicate and bold. It was bought by a couple for their first home.”

Charlotte believes there is an increasing need for mindful contemplation and quiet in this frantic modern world, and her paintings tap into the need to stop and take a breath. She says, “I often receive feedback from clients that my work has bought a sense of calm into their homes.”

Email [email protected] or call 6732 6711 for more information.

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