NFT BAZL Reflects on Co-Hosting NFT MENA with the Kingdom of Bahrain – First-Ever Dedicated NFT Art Exhibition in the Region – Crypto Daily™

NFT BAZL Reflects on Co-Hosting NFT MENA with the Kingdom of Bahrain - First-Ever Dedicated NFT Art Exhibition in the Region - Crypto Daily™
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The Formula 1 weekend in Bahrain had a very special event this year: Over 1,000 high-profile guests, partners, and other attendees participated in NFT MENA, the first-ever dedicated physical and digital art exhibition that was co-hosted by NFT BAZL, the world’s leading NFT and luxury collectibles platform, and the Kingdom of Bahrain. The event was held at the prestigious Ritz-Carlton.

The exhibition featured a collection of over 50 digital and physical artworks and provided guests with a first-hand look into the rapidly evolving physical and digital art spaces. The art pieces that were exhibited were designed to help showcase the cultural aspects that are driving changing trends in digital art, as well as the potential of new, innovative mediums and platforms for advancing art and exploring intellectual awakenings between art lovers, investors, and academics around the world.

NFT BAZL Co-Founders Raoul Milhado and Ori Ohayon stated:

“NFT BAZL is designed to help collectors and creators alike enter into a simple, secure and curated investment grade NFT marketplace where NFT BAZL does the hard work for you. Our specialty is helping the world’s top creators break into the NFT market by providing them with all the tools necessary to provide their collectors with the most value possible, simultaneously giving collectors peace of mind. The assets on our market have been hand selected to take the uncertainty out of investing into NFTs.”

“We have established long-term plans with the Government of Bahrain to educate the public regarding NFT technology and cryptocurrencies, and we are amazed at how successful the NFT MENA event was. We want to thank our respected guests and sponsors and are thankful to our partners and teams for helping us showcase exquisite NFTs and digital artworks for art and culture lovers in Bahrain.”

His Highness Sheikh Rashid Al Khalifa, an artist, the Chairman of Bahrain’s National Council for Arts, and a member of the Bahraini royal family, was in attendance at the event. He is the first president and the current honorary president of the Bahrain Arts Society and is a recognized figure in the art world and Bahrain.

Numerous high-profile artists – 30 foreign, and 85 local and regional – were also present at the exhibition, which featured nine workshops and three panel discussions alongside the primary showcase of artworks. These artists included Adnan Al Ahmed, Yasmin Sharabi, Alan Bodner, Andre Monet, Chance Cooper, Gary Lang, Hijacks, kassesus, and many more. Leena Al Ayoobi, an organizer of NFT MENA and one of the artists showcased at the event, was also featured and was in attendance at the event.

Platinum Partners of the event were the RAK Art Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to empowering artists worldwide via opportunities and cross-cultural collaboration, as well as Dar Alfann, a boutique firm that specializes in creating art and artwork that speaks to the traditional heritage of the Arabian Gulf countries. Tamkeen, a large Bahraini conglomerate, was also a Platinum Partner.

Other partners included many recognized name-brand organizations such Binance, Elitium, GDA Capital, Trust Wallet, Gulf Falcon,  pico, Radio Bahrain,, Prism, Meta Yachts, mbc group, the Ritz-Carlton, and of course NFT BAZL.

With high-level art exhibitions, events, and luxury collectibles part of every NFT BAZL drop, NFT BAZL continues to redefine how the world perceives digital art, high-end art investments, and the overlaps between the physical and digital, the cultural and the creative.


NFT BAZL bridges the gap between traditional art and blockchain technology, enabling collectors and creators to explore a new generation of NFTs through its boutique marketplace and in-person exhibitions. By combining groundbreaking technology, unique capabilities and global exhibitions, NFT BAZL showcases investment-grade works in an entirely new light. It is the first marketplace committed to preserving heritage through NFT technology and seeks to amplify the voices of future generations through creative mediums, facilitated by modern technology.

NFT BAZL has handled assets worth over $50M, as well as thousands of attendees at elite events at exotic locations worldwide, along with an exclusive collector community with luxury perks and giveaways.

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