Prime Minister invites children to historic art exhibition at White Hall

Prime Minister invites children to historic art exhibition at White Hall
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AT the launch of the Patri Artism: A National Treasure art collection to commemorate Trinidad and Tobago’s 60th Independence, hosted by the Office of the Prime Minister in collaboration with the Central Bank museum, the Prime Minister encouraged students to take advantage of the opportunity to witness an important piece of TT’s history.

Following a brief viewing of the 25 pieces on display On Wednesday afternoon, just before ending his feature address to a small crowd at the White Hall, Maraval Road, Port of Spain, Dr Rowley said it is also important for children to be a part of the rare occasion.

“The representation you would see – the vision of the artiste, the quality of the work hidden behind the doors of the Central Bank and FCB – it’s a pity the average person on the average day does not have the opportunity to see and interact with the power of these works.

“I would like to say to the teachers around the country even if you are at home, some of you still have the contact to bring children here, especially your art students.

Tobago East MP Ayanna Webster-Roy views a 1982 painting by David Bootman, at the opening of an Independence Day art exhibition at White Hall, Port of Spain on Wednesday.  Photo by Angelo Marcelle

“I would love to know that as many children as possible from across this land, can walk through these halls, walk through these doors and up these steps into this building and claim this heritage that is theirs.”

He added, “On this occasion where we are 60 years old as a nation these are treasures that are the best representation of our nation of six decades of the nation we were promised in 1962. So we would like to have them represented in the various forms, books and virtual displays so our citizens abroad could enjoy these without being here.

The exhibition is a combination of mixed media, watercolour and acrylic and oil on canvas and board from Peter Minshall, Boscoe Holder, Leo Glasgow, to name a few, collected and put together by FCB and Central Bank over the past 65 years.

The public can view the art exhibition from August 25 to September 23; Tuesdays –Saturdays from 10 am to 6 pm and 2 pm -6 pm on Sundays.

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