Review: Colors Festival Art Exhibition

Review: Colors Festival Art Exhibition
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Colors Festival comes to Camden Market, London – with an explosion of vibrant, colourful street art from a range of international artists. We were invited down the day before doors open (May 26th) for an exclusive preview, and the exhibition did not disappoint.

Tucked into the colourful waterside buildings by Camden lock there is probably no better place for an exhibition that celebrates the brightest and boldest street art has to offer. The exhibition is crammed with huge murals – many making use of UV paint, which, when under the purple UV bulbs fitted in the ceiling glow, giving the art an extra ‘pop’ you wouldn’t normally witness when seeing a mural on the street.

The website states the exhibition is suitable for all; “whether you’re an art enthusiast, young or old, or simply seeking novelty, discover a multitude of captivating artworks.” There’s plenty of room to move around and explore the space, and you can take your time to appreciate the work, take a step back to soak it in or get in close to admire the detail.

There’s a real range of creative approaches on offer, with each artist’s style left to shine within the huge space offered, with many murals spanning multiple walls, spilling onto the floor, or making use of 3 dimensional elements to bring them to life.

According to the website the experience”showcases an eclectic mix of artistic styles and mediums. It features well-known street artists, as well as emerging painters, illustrators, and photographers, each with their own unique approach to creativity. Despite their differences, they all share a common goal: to transport you into their world and inspire you with their art.

It took me around an hour to wander the two floors of the exhibition, and by the end I felt satisfied that the experience was worthy of the entrance fee charged. The scope, and curation of the work is excellent and there’s plenty to see (I don’t want to spoil it by showing all the images here!)

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