Rowan College hosts summer art exhibition – The Sun Newspapers

Rowan College hosts summer art exhibition - The Sun Newspapers
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After a two-year hiatus, Rowan College at Burlington County (RCBC) has resumed its summer art exhibition.

“We have a few students, mostly community artists, and even some alumni that have graduated from here or took classes here,” said Campus Curator Jessica Kane of the student exhibit. 

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“They like to come back and have a chance to show (their) art.”

Rowan’s summer lineup features all kinds of mediums.

“We have photography, digital photography (and) acrylic oil paintings,” Kane said. “We have jewelry, sculpture, mixed media, watercolor … graphic design (and) paintings.”

“I love meeting artists that have been doing art for a very long time, to learn about specifically what they do, why they do it, their inspirations and even their techniques,” said Kane, who has been with the college for 13 years.

“I get to learn about some mediums I would have never had a chance to.”

The exhibit runs until Sept. 22 at the Mount Holly campus and features 84 pieces from 27 artists.

“We like to have this (one) up for when the students come back in the fall,” Kane noted. “It has a lot of different pieces, so hopefully students will find something that they can be inspired by or relate to or want to learn more about.”

Rowan has plenty of resources for students to draw creativity from.

“Every year we also have a staff and faculty show, so it’s a chance for the students to see the works of the people who are teaching them,” Kane explained. “That kind of opens their eyes a little bit to different things … I see a lot of people, because they know who the artist is, they get inspired a little more.”

The campus held an artist’s reception on Saturday.

“ … It’s a chance to meet and network and talk to the artists,” Kane said. “ … I always try to encourage the students that the best way to get better at art is to meet other artists and see what they’re doing too.”

Kane described how she sets up exhibitions.

“What I do is, I put out all of the work along the walls and I just kind of walk around and get some feelings and start moving things and placing,” she said.  “ … Usually, I tend to go towards colors or something that I (would) like to go together, but sometimes it ends up being a feeling.”

“ … We get a lot of family and friends that come and a lot of them (that) I talk to … they didn’t know that their child or friend could do that,” she said of the artists’ work. 

“ … That is definitely a reward, being in this position … seeing the families and how excited they are for each student.”

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