Saigon-Based Artist Trần Trung Lĩnh Returns With Pop Art Exhibition | Saigoneer

Saigon-Based Artist Trần Trung Lĩnh Returns With Pop Art Exhibition | Saigoneer
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Following the resounding success of his previous exhibition, Saigon-based artist Trần Trung Lĩnh will present a freshly painted collection of paintings at an event this weekend. Trần Trung Lĩnh was born in 1977 in Hội An, but has since settled down in Saigon after finishing his degree at the HCMC University of Fine Arts. Lĩnh has dabbled in a number of art mediums and influences, but his pop art creations are perhaps the best known in the eyes of Saigon audience members. Back in May this year, he introduced an exhibition named “Van Gogh ở Sài Gòn” (Van Gogh in Sai Gon), featuring pastiche paintings blending the Dutch post-impressionist master’s unique style with subject matters that are closer to the hearts of Saigoneers, like street vendors, local landmarks and familiar city corners. The display garnered much support from Saigon art lovers, attracting over 400 studio visits each day during its two-week run, as spectators marveled over the colorful, accessible scenes in Lĩnh’s works. Most recently, Lĩnh and SiLart Station have unveiled a new set of paintings as part of the upcoming “HAHAHA” exhibition, a continuation of the artist’s fascination and exploration of pop art. “The success of ‘Van Gogh ở Sài Gòn’ made me realize that my choice to make my take on pop art more accessible to the public was the right decision,” he writes in the event’s press release. “I didn’t take a break, but immediately started painting the works in ‘HAHAHA’ for a new exhibition, taking on new personal challenges.” ‘Eden Plaza #2,’ acrylic on canvas, 125 cm x 165 cm, 2023. While there were notes of humor and whimsy in “Van Gogh ở Sài Gòn,” the Van Gogh tribute collection was tamer in its depictions of the Dutch artist and mostly focused on providing a visually elegant viewing experience for the audience. In “HAHAHA,” Trần Trung Lĩnh dials up the irreverence and cheekiness, playing with well-established art history darlings like ‘The Creation of Adam’ by Michelangelo (now with added sneakers, tentacles and even a Pink Floyd album) and ‘The Son of Man’ by René Magritte. “In my art, there aren’t any profound meanings, mysterious philosophical universes, or layers upon layers of academic discussions. I don’t want that,” he writes. “HAHAHA” Tái Sinh Biểu Tượng – Rebirth of Icons will open for visitors from December 30, 2023 to January 30, 2024 at SiLart Station.

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