Stolen Generations art exhibition takes over Melbourne’s Federation Square

Stolen Generations art exhibition takes over Melbourne’s Federation Square
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This is storytelling at its finest, truth-telling at its most heartbreaking.

From the May 26 to August 28, Federation Square in Melbourne will be the venue for Barring – Nganjin meaning “Our path Our Journey” which will be an exhibition by Stolen Generations survivors.

Each survivor’s story is their act of truth-telling, it is both a creative response and an act of healing, that reflects historical trauma and ultimately, a strong sense of resilience.

The Aboriginal Protection Act of 1869 made Victoria the first colony to establish an Act which allowed the government to regulate Aboriginal people, now know as the Stolen Generations.

The new exhibition showcases more than 45 artworks including paintings, weaving, prints, and mixed media amongst others.

The Stolen Generations exhibition. Picture: C.Capurro.

This will be the largest collection of Stolen Generations of Art in any single exhibition of the Koorie Heritage Trust.

Artist featured include Lyn Austin, Eric Brown, Freddy Clark, Talgium “Chocko” Howard Edwards, John Elliot, the late Les Griggs, Monique Grbec, Treahna Hamm, Colleen Howell, Thomas Marks, Makia McLoughlin, the late Alice Solomon, Norm Stewart, Andrew Travis and Lisa Waup.

Gamilaroi man uncle Eric Brown, a Stolen Generations survivor, said art helped heal the pain of his upbringing.

“When I was taken, put into the government system, I didn’t know about culture then,” he said.

“Through growing up at school, we taught anything Aboriginal.

“My culture and identity were taken away from being in institutions.”

Link-Up Victoria’s Aunty Bev Murray is also featured in the exhibition.

“Art and storytelling are important healing and wellbeing elements in our communities and this collection of works strongly portray the visual and powerful stories of each individual,” Ms Murray said.

  • Story by Marc Cornaz

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