Vocabulary (Isn’t Boring) Art Exhibition Now At The Jewish Cultural Center – The Pulse » Chattanooga’s Weekly Alternative

Vocabulary (Isn’t Boring) Art Exhibition Now At The Jewish Cultural Center - The Pulse » Chattanooga's Weekly Alternative
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Vocabulary, featuring the work of 27 local and nationally known artists, is on view at the Jewish Cultural Center through Thursday, November 30. 

Gallery hours are 9:00 am to 4:00 pm weekdays or may be available by appointment. The gallery will be closed for Jewish and Federal holidays. The Jewish Cultural Center is located at 5461 North Terrace Road. There is no cost to attend the exhibition.

Conversation and dialogue start when two parties establish a vocabulary. In the case of this exhibit the vocabulary can be how an artist defines themselves, what an artist wants to tell you about a particular subject, and how the artist wants to talk to you or another artist.  The vocabulary can be in words, the sound of a voice, visually, or more. It can include symbols, something familiar, or something coded, a lexicon of sorts.

“When selecting this exhibit, I started out thinking I would explore one type of vocabulary, perhaps just two-dimensional visual elements. Quickly, I realized that the only way to start conversation and dialogue about vocabulary would be multi-dimensional.” states Ann Treadwell, Program Director.

This exhibit includes very diverse vocabularies. There are five artists using poetry or text that is illustrated. There are non-traditional books. There are two artists with a series of pieces that ask you to think through what they are saying, as a societal question. There two pieces in which artists are asking you to find the elements, or grammar, in their pieces. There is one piece in which two artists have a dialogue with each other. And so much more.      

Artists included in the exhibition include: Randy Abeyta, Kem Alexander, Wade Brickhouse, Jeff Cohen, Olga deKlein, Sharon Feldstein, Lupina Haney, Maxine Hess, Sammi Callihan, Jeanne Hewell Chambers, Randy Fairchild, Russell Gearing, Anna Belle Grimes Hutchinson, Faye Ives, Howard Kaplan, Ruth McRae, Kim Printz, Dominique Pruitt, Richard Rice, David Salerno, Mildred Schiff, Nancy Schwartz-Katz, Alex Ben Scoggins, Ellen Simak, Bonnie Stoloff, Virginia Urani and Teresa Whisenant. 

The Jewish Cultural Center, funded by the Jewish Federation of Greater Chattanooga, offers programs, classes and exhibits, social services, and a preschool—all rooted in Jewish values.  The facility enables the Jewish community to raise its visibility, foster relationships, and strengthen its identity in the Chattanooga area.  Located at 5461 North Terrace, the Center and its programs are open to everyone regardless of religious affiliation.

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