Wonderspaces’ fully immersive art exhibition will captivate you through self-art installations – CBS Philadelphia

Wonderspaces' fully immersive art exhibition will captivate you through self-art installations - CBS Philadelphia
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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Wonderspaces is as enchanting as it sounds! Situated in Center City, it draws you in from all angles. Wonderspaces Philadelphia may not be their flagship, but our city was certainly top on their priority list! As their General Manager, Jenn McCreary, explained, “Philadelphia has a vibrant arts community and there’s nothing like it.” Well, she is right by the sheer number of visitors that experience Wonderspaces’ 16 art installations via their multiple platforms.

Given Wonderspaces’ two-story layout, each exhibit is deliberately installed given their size, shape, meaning and ability to truly allow the viewers’ full capability to explore the artwork. Each piece invites you to be a part of the art itself or even become the artist. Let me explain a few, take “Body Paint” for example. It grants the permission to freely express yourself through movement and energy and in turn, processes your work of art on screen. Or “Submergence” which is proudly Philadelphia’s original installation. It is a fully immersive experience composed of over 8,000 lights that correspond with music and within your own movement, you’ll get lost in this space of wonder. Take my word, it’s one of my favorites.

You can’t leave without giving closure within “The Last Word.” You physically write any closure your body is wanting to express, roll the scroll and place within the wall. The inspiration was derived from “The Wailing Wall.” Wonderspaces evoked more emotion than expected in the best way. Any math enthusiasts? Then “Blooms” by John Edmark will captivate you for days with his brilliant take on integrating both math and art in his 3D sculptures.

There are so many more to explore and the innovations are endless as they rotate one exhibit per quarter. Their newest, “Plume” by Ian Brill is an ecosystem of lights, sound and color. I invite you to enjoy the dome of his never-repeating pattern.

It is imperative to Wonderspaces that they showcase each artist and make them front and center in terms of how Wonderspaces represents them. They are committed to caring first-hand about the artist’s work and representing it to others. Jenn asks herself how they can best bring service to the artists and proceeds accordingly. You’ll understand when you experience these pieces yourself.

Audrey Ford, Assistant GM and Artwork Project Manager, exuded pride while explaining how her entire staff physically helps to build each installation and in doing so, it’s unanimous, feeling as though learning new skill sets with each piece is one of the best parts of working for Wonderspaces. In addition, the staff learns the deep concept behind each artist’s work and are excited to share such with the viewer.

Your journey here will be what you make it! Learning the concept behind each creation PLUS the blueprint of the actual design of these pieces will take your experience to another level.

If you prefer the tech option, feel free to use your smartphone and scan the easy-to-find QR codes located around Wonderspaces. You can elevate your trip, and enjoy the full bar located on their main level. To explore Wonderspaces’ current exhibits or even learn about membership options, visit Wonderspaces – Extraordinary Art in Philadelphia. 

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